Guest Speaker at TEDx Nashville 2018

Systems and Plasma Regenerating HOPE for Dementia

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Creating health and the factors

that led Dr. Haase to pursue

personalized systems medicine.

David Haase, MD is a doctor, teacher, and innovator who is deeply committed to maximizing wellness; one unique person at a time. His philosophy focuses on identifying and treating the unique root causes of their conditions, having special expertise in brain-related disorders (Alzheimer’s, cognitive optimization, depression, ADD, anxiety, insomnia, head injury), inflammatory and immune dysregulation, allergy, and cancer support.

Dr. Haase is a sought-after lecturer and teaches internationally about the root causes of disease and innovative, safe treatments through his faculty position at the Institute for Functional Medicine and as adjunct professor at the University of South Florida, University of Miami, and Western States University. Dr. Haase integrates nutrition, metabolomics, neuroelectrophysiology, genomics, environmental factors, and lifestyle medicine to help his patients get better and he shares these concepts with other medical professionals for improved patient care.

Bestselling author David Haase, MD provides hope about the possibilities for creating health with a fresh, bold and exciting vision of future medicine. This book is filled with innovation, discoveries and successes that describe how Dr. Haase works with his patients to empower them to achieve and sustain a rich, fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. His curiosity approach sparks a dynamic vision for health and Maximum Wellness.

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Guest Speaker At TEDx Nashville 2018

Systems and Plasma Regenerating HOPE for Dementia
About Dr. Haase

David Haase, MD


David H. Haase, MD is the Founder of MaxWell Clinic, CMO of MaxWell Biosciences, Medical Director of Xymogen, Core Faculty for the Institute for Functional Medicine, Best Selling Author of “Curiosity Heals the Human”, and is a recognized leader in the emerging field of Systems Medicine.