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“Fantastic book. Upon completion of reading this book, I was filled with hope about the possibilities for the health and well-being of me, my loved ones and anyone that chooses to engage the ideas presented with curiosity. Dr. Haase provides a fresh, bold and exciting vision of health and well-being. The book is filled with evidence-based approaches to achieving optimal health. I loved reading about the innovation, the discoveries, and successes in the healthcare arena. There is a different way to achieving and sustaining a rich, fulfilling and healthy life and Dr. Haase explains in great detail how. Not only am I utterly amazed with all the innovative health care approaches described in the book, the Curiosity approach has sparked a dynamic vision for my health. How good can I really feel? The possibilities are limitless. Definitely, worth the read …. it will challenge how you think about and approach your health goals.” – Kim C, Verified Reader


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Bestselling author David Haase, MD provides hope about the possibilities for creating health with a fresh, bold and exciting vision of future medicine. This book is filled with innovation, discoveries, and successes that describe how Dr. Haase works with his patients to empower them with a new way to achieve and sustain a rich, fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. His curiosity approach sparks a dynamic vision for health and Maximum Wellness.